Monday, October 28, 2013


ASM has won a long undecided match against Brive to regret that can feed on their new beautiful performance against a "big team" in the Top 14. The

Auvergne has once again been sluggish and made many bad choices, such as the recovery of 22 yards late in the game. The Auvergne has scored 3 testing Nalaga (2 times) and Buttin, against two tests for Brive. The games should be a celebration for the 10th anniversary of the Ultras Vulcans, but the link that we had a silent commemoration The only fans heard in the stadium (small flat for the 50 th) were Coujoux which they have honored their team.

Aurelien Rougerie made a very good game, Jamie Cudmore a good return, Julien Bonnaire a good analysis:

"We started in the shit alone, it is impossible passes, it lags behind the support."

A phrase that could be applied to all games this season.

Source: cyber vulcans

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