Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The Volturi Are Heading To Forks, Washington

What have the Cullens done to provoke the Volturi this time? They had to have done something, Demetri and Felix are heading to Forks, and when the tracker and the muscle of the guard leaves Volterra, something is up right?

Just kidding, well sort of. Part is for sure. The part that Felix, Daniel Cudmore and Demetri, Charlie Bewley are heading to Forks, Washington this weekend!

You heard me right Team Cudmore, Daniel Cudmore will be making his very first appearance in Forks for Forever Twilight in Forks, the annual celebration honoring STEPHENIE MEYER and all things Twilight September 8-11, 2016!

We will be there all weekend, sharing photos and videos, so stay tuned to our Twitter @Team_Cudmore and our other site and their twitter @FANdemoniumNet for all the coverage!

For more info on the event check out the website