Saturday, June 22, 2013

A first glimpse at Manticore

With all the pictures and posters coming out for the upcoming movie 'Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters' we have all been anxiously awaiting a glimpse, ok maybe I just have been,  of Daniel Cudmore as Manticore. 

We hunted down this picture of 'Manticore' we are unsure if there are more than one, or if he is ever really seen in the movie, but this is what we have... for now. 


Thursday, June 6, 2013

Cameras, Cameras, everywhere

Dan made sure to give us his best smiles and shot us his pearly whites while in New Jersey late 2012.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Days Of Future Past Tidbits: That’s A Wrap On Daniel Cudmore And Shawn Ashmore Talks Iceman

No set pics today, but we have a couple pieces of Days of Future Past news to hold you over until the next batch of photos hit the web. Colossus and Iceman will be teaming-up for this double shot of info. Daniel Cudmore took to his Twitter to announce he was finished filming his part for Bryan Singer‘s inbetweenquel and Shawn Ashmore revealed in a recent interview that we would be seeing a different Bobby Drake this time around.
First up is the big man from Russia, ColossusDaniel Cudmore Tweeted that he had wrapped filming on Days of Future Past and was now off to do other things in France. While a few weeks of filming happened indoors and the production is just now starting to go out in the open in Montreal, that seems like a pretty short time for Cudmore to have filmed scenes. Colossus wasn't treated too kindly in the first three X-Men films, so a lot of fans were hoping to see a lot more of the big shiny brute this time. Hopefully Cudmore has some big scenes and a few moments in the spotlight. He seems to be happy with his part according to another Tweet. It’s worth pointing out there are over 18 major mutants in the film already, so hopefully Cudmore doesn't get the short end of the stick yet again.

Well that was one hell of a fun last day on ! Thanks to @BryanSinger and the rest of the cast and crew!!

@Aye_Dreee_In: @danielcudmore Be honest, are you proud of your role compared to the other x-men films? A simple yes or no will suffice.”Yes

Shawn Ashmore recently spoke with about Days of Future Past as well as his new TV show The Following with  First Class alumn Kevin BaconAshmore teased a new, more mature Bobby Drake. After Ashmore talked about coming back to the role, what he said about the upcoming movie made it sound like the majority of his screen time will be based in the apocalyptic Sentinel controlled future:

What’s so great about being part of a franchise is every couple of years, or in our case, every five or six years, you get to come back and work with the filmmakers and actors. I just turned 19 when I shot the first movie. I was still a teenager, but it feels like a lifetime ago. Everyone’s grown up. Bryan has grown as a filmmaker as well, so it’s really exciting. Bryan has grown as a filmmaker as well, so it’s really exciting
Some of our characters in the film are facing a far, dark future and that continues with Bobby as well. It’s an intense storyline and pretty exciting. He’s changed from who you saw in ‘X-3.’
We saw a teaser pic of Ellen Page with Ashmore‘s face slightly visible. They definitely looked to be in the gritty future, so it’s not a big surprise Iceman may be only in the future section of the storyline. Hopefully Cudmore gets his due in Days of Future PastColossus plays a pretty big role in the comic book, so maybe his rather short time doesn’t tell the whole story. What do you think?