Saturday, January 19, 2013

Our Exclusive Interview with: @danielcudmore about @Baytown_Outlaws

Many of you know that Daniel is in a new movie called ‘The Baytown Outlaws’ the movie was previously called ‘The Baytown Disco’ but was changed when it was picked up for distribution.  The movie written by Barry Battles and Griffin Hood staring, Eva Longoria, Billy Bob Thorton, Paul Wesley and Daniel Cudmore as Lincoln Oodie.

We interviewed Dan about his audition process and what it was like playing the role of Lincoln who stands out in this instant cult classic.

Team Cudmore: What was your reaction when you were given the script for The Baytown Outlaws and you saw that Lincoln didn't say a word?
Dan:  I really liked what Barry and Griffen had penned but at first I really wanted to stay away from a character like that.. But the more I thought about it, it's even harder to react truthfully without having to speak, so it was a great challenge.

Team Cudmore:  Did you have to audition or did they pick you for the role?

Dan: Barry had me in mind since he saw XMen, so it was offered to me.

Team Cudmore: When you got on set, did you take advantage of staying quiet and “playing” with the see and say?
Dan: haha, I got to play around with the talk and say, but I enjoyed speaking when I could!

Team Cudmore: Did you practice your facial reactions in the mirror? Because I got to say they were quite funny and spot on.
Dan: No not at all, I just reacted to the situations and what the awesome actors around m were do.

Team Cudmore: The way the movie ended hinted at maybe a sequel, would you be interested in it, if it came about?
Dan:  I would love to do a sequel, I love working and the other actors and crew were such a blast to work with!  The characters could be explored so much more.
                 Thanks for the great questions!

The movie is in limited release, but still can be rented via iTunes and on demand in some locations, before its release. This movie is not to be missed. You will not be disappointed in what you see.

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  1. Daniel sounds like such a cool guy. The interview is nice and tight, and I sure wish we get a sequel!!
    ~ Axe